Natteron 16 – democracy and the like

Inspired by Bara Brith Camp in Cardiff, Natteron 16 is all things democracy, voting.

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We discover how Ben’s upbringing led to his democratic nerdiness, Helen tries not to swear, and we ask listeners to help us with some ideas for future Natterons. Ends in classic ‘natteroff’ stylee.

Story links:

* Government’s 900-page ‘snoopers’ charter’ shows ‘complete disregard’ for…9357610.html

* Would liquid democracy be a good idea?

* How one woman’s app is changing politics in the digital age…the-digital-age

* An example of citizens using technology for election monitoring…new-sign-of-hope

* ‘Service registers’ on governmental websites…ntal-websites/

* How do transparency, data and the Internet interact with democracy…-ranking-2015/


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