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How-to-fold-an-awning, how to fold your nr awning correctly. solo survival: how to survive alone in the wilderness for 1 week --eastern woodlands - duration: 34:07. tom mcelroy-wild survival recommended for you. Same as you, fold the "legs" in neatly and then for in half and half again in both directions, having zipped the side panels out first. the sides are folded and then folded into the main awning., even if you own another brand of pole awning, this video from isabella on how to take down/fold up an awning is good advice to follow. while your particular pole awning may be larger or smaller than the one seen in the video above the same basic steps and principles apply..

When you fold clothes you always use the seams and stitching for the perfect fold and you have to do the same with an awning. lie the awning on the ground with the outside facing downwards., use, packing and storage packing up your awning. many caravanners feel that folding their awnings is a laborious job, but help is at hand and there are a many solutions. some people prefer to remove all the panels and store them separately. here we describe our favourite system for folding.