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How-to-frame-a-sloped-roof-shed, a lean-to is a shed with a sloped roof and no side walls. sheds that do not have sides are good for storing and drying wood, storing lawn care equipment like snow blowers and lawn mowers and storing children's bikes and other outdoor toys.. Sep 10, 2013 - these free plans are produced by they sell other plans for larger units, but for many, an 8′ x 10′ shed will do just fine. if you are like me, you just need a place for your mower in the winter and your snowblower in the summer. this shed..., figure 2-2.—roof framing terms. 1/8 pitch is given, so 24 x 1/8 equals 3, or unit of rise in inches. if the unit of rise in inches is 3, then the cut is the unit of rise and the unit of run (12 inches), or 3/12. line length is the hyptenuse of the triangle whose base equals the total run and whose altitude equals the total rise.