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Soundproof-furnace-closet, being able to tuck away something like a hvac system in a utility closet is something of a blessing, as very few people want to be able to see the inner workings of their ac unit.. So the furnace is on the second floor next to the master bedroom. i am wondering if i could use this acoustic panels (..., i have tri/split level house. there is a furnace/hot water heater closet on the lower level. it's pretty loud and i just changed the flooring to a hard material so it's even louder now. the closet doors are slated, i'm assuming to keep airflow. the front of the closet (with the slated doors) leads to our family room. on the other side of the wall on the right are stairs..

Sorry if it is a louvered door it is for reason. here is an excerpt from our local building code: combustion air. furnace rooms with fuel-fired appliances must be provided with two permanent openings to adjacent spaces: one within 12 inches of the top and one within 12 inches from the bottom of the adjoining wall., my house has the furnace and water heater in a closet in my master bedroom. it is very loud. is there a way to soundproof the closet safely to reduce the amount of noise? even if i were to put an extra layer of drywall on, the vented doors might still allow for a great deal of noise. anyone have any suggestions?.

In this episode of repair and replace, vance shows you audio examples and solutions to the most common causes of a noisy furnace. if the furnace is too loud,...